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Veritas Prep was started in 2002 by two MBA students in a classroom at the Yale School of Management, with the sole purpose of offering GMAT preparation to the most ambitious students seeking acceptance to the most competitive universities. 300,000 students later the company is still entirely owned by the two founders, meaning we’re not beholden to outside investors and and instead are fully focused on constantly improving our students’ experience and their GMAT results. Our course works for high achieving, talented people because it was built for that specific type of person and because the team behind it shares those same traits. We are inspired every day by the students that choose to work with us and helping them gain acceptance to schools they hardly dared dream of is ultimately what drives us.

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The Veritas Prep GMAT prep course is rated #1 in the world. All we care about is student satisfaction. That’s why we ask 100% of our students how we could serve them better and we actually read every single course evaluation in search of ways to improve. As the largest GMAT prep & MBA admissions consulting company in the world, we also have the resources to respond and deliver what you need to reach, or often surpass, your GMAT goal.

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From the testmaker:

“After months spent evaluating every aspect of their GMAT practice exams, it’s clear that Veritas Prep has mastered the science of test simulation. They offer thousands of realistic questions that have been validated using Item Response Theory and a powerful computer adaptive testing algorithm that closely matches that of the real GMAT exam. Simply stated, Veritas Prep gives students a remarkably accurate measure of how they will perform on the Official GMAT.”

Lawrence M. Rudner
MBA, PhD, Former Chief Psychometrician at GMAC.

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A curriculum to engage

A continuously challenging curriculum
is what makes learning fun.

As long as you are ambitious, your knowledge prior to the Veritas Prep course is irrelevant. Thanks to Skillbuilders™ that are completed before class, every student enters class well prepared. At home you solve problems that are served up based on your skill level so that you are continuously challenged, but only so much that you are also learning, regardless of your proficiency on any section of the test. The real fun starts when you get to our famous Think Like The Testmaker™ level where you learn to solve problems by seeing how they were constructed in the first place.

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We make class engaging and inspiring for the type of student applying to the most competitive MBA programs through a teaching methodology we call “Learning by Doing”. All the skills and strategies our students learn are taught through advanced problems students solve hand in hand with their instructor. Students striving for a top score are continuously exposed to the same level of difficulty they will face on test day.

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Jen Brown - Harvard Business School MBA, GMAT Instructor


The world’s best GMAT instructors will inspire you.

Veritas Prep was the first to require all GMAT prep instructors to score in the 99th percentile on the official exam, but that’s the minimum requirement to even apply for a teaching job. A candidate earns an interview by demonstrating teaching experience and a history of helping others. What makes someone Veritas Prep instructor material – and what all our instructors have in common – is proving the ability to teach students how to master the GMAT and to do so with passion and fun.

Technology customized to your needs

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Your online student account takes the face-to-face Veritas Prep experience and extends it beyond the classroom to make your study process even easier and more efficient. Whether you are in an online or a physical classroom, you will have access to all the tools you need in one place; they’ve never been more useful.

The only truly authentic diagnostic tests

Developed in collaboration with the Chief Psychometrician at GMAC, Larry Rudner, Veritas Prep’s practice tests were created in the same way as the modern version of the GMAT was using Item Response Theory. Not only do you get the most accurate total score as well section scores, but the indivual problems you face have been authenticated through more than 20 million responses from other GMAT students to ensure the most realistic practice experience available outside of GMAC.

study plan

We know what works when it comes to maximizing your GMAT score. That’s why we created a specific, step-by-step GMAT study plan for you complete with fast access links, check boxes, and a dynamic progress bar to ensure you know exactly what to do every step of the way on your journey to GMAT success. Regardless of your study schedule, everything in your student account is available for a full year.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The Veritas Prep Guarantee is a simple one: You may retake your Veritas Prep GMAT course, for any reason, free of charge within 12 months of the course start date. Even if you score a 710, but feel that with more preparation you could score a 760... retake the course for free. If you have taken the official GMAT prior to the Veritas Prep course and your score doesn’t go up, you get your money back. No hassle. No risk. No questions asked.

Live instructor
help 7 days a week

Access to 99th percentile scoring, star instructors is not limited to the classroom. We are here to help you as you work through homework between classes and for months after you finish your course. Through your student account, you can ask any questions you have about practice problems or test taking strategy or anything else GMAT related and receive answers in real time from a regularly teaching Veritas Prep GMAT instructor.

3,000 problems

If there’s one type of student Veritas Prep looks after, it’s the ambitious one. You will never run out of challenging practice material that will push your score ever higher. Every problem has a detailed solution. Through a built-in student commenting feature, solutions and problems are continuously kept up to date.

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The entire Veritas Prep On Demand interactive video course ($950 value) is included with all courses. Watch entire lessons or skip directly to the specific topic you want to review.

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