Free Online GRE Strategy Session

Whether you’re committed to a particular field of study or you simply want to keep your graduate school options open, it’s never too early to begin thinking about the GRE. In this session, Veritas Prep will demonstrate the higher-order thinking that the GRE is really testing, and you will learn some of our advanced strategies to help you navigate this challenging exam.

This 1-hour session includes:

  • The Veritas Prep Methodology: Emphases on applying content knowledge to reasoning-based GRE problems
  • Specific strategies to hone your verbal and quantitative reasoning skills, and real data from thousands of students to demonstrate the powerful allure of trap answers
  • Opportunity to ask specific questions about the GRE, or review any concepts not already covered, in live time

Your host: Brian Galvin, VP of Academics

A Veritas Prep instructor since 2002, Brian was so inspired by his initial test prep classes that he left a dream job in sports to pursue a Master’s degree in Education. Since receiving that degree from the University of Michigan, Brian has served as Veritas Prep’s Vice President of Academics, co-authoring the company’s GRE, GMAT, and ACT lessons. Brian fills each session with a combination of humor and GRE mastery for an hour you won’t forget.